I am a creative documentary wedding photographer, living in Whitley Bay. Despite being a wedding photographer in the North East, I travel far and wide to shoot weddings; working throughout the UK as well as internationally. Nothing is too much trouble.

I was sixteen when I first realised that I wanted to be a photographer. All my education, leading up to and gaining a BA Hons in Photography, has centred on my passion for telling stories. My first projects were very documentary, industrial and, at times, obscure. I also spent time photographing live music, which combined my love of both photography and music.  My slight obsession with natural light, and use of colours continues to be prevalent within my work.

While my style is creative documentary, I am also at ease taking group shots, having worked for the biggest portrait brand in the UK, I went on to be Head Photographer for the Newcastle Studio. It was during this time, I photographed thousands of couples and families. It is this experience, whether you’re someone who hates having their photograph taken or enjoys the limelight, which I use to help create memorable moments with friendly and positive direction.

A special and enjoyable part of your wedding day is taking the time to make creative portraits of the two of you, having the odd adventurous endeavor or two! Going that extra mile will create the most amazing images; this can take as little as twenty minutes of your wedding day.

I would describe my style as storytelling with a flare! The day is often about those small gestures and glances that go unnoticed at the time but which speak a million words, and later, bring memories flooding back.

I’ve just completed my first (and only, my parter points out) renovation project in Whitley Bay. Louise, myself and our two children, Matilda and Dexter, absolutely love coast life!

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